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Soft-Story Proposition on San Francisco Ballot

Proposition A is a bond measure that gives loans for seismic retrofit of “soft-story” buildings with affordable units. Mayor Newsom, Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White, David Chiu, City Administrator Ed Lee and Gabe Metcalf of SPUR wrote the official “yes” argument – with the question: “remember Hurricane Katrina?” Paid arguments by the Chamber of Commerce, DBI Commissioner Debra Walker, and Mike Theriault of the Building Trades also support it. Faulkner and the SF Republican Party come out against it: “San Franciscans should not be forced to foot the bill for a select few landlords.”

Source:  http://www.beyondchron.org/articles/Nine_Proposititions_You_ll _Be_Voting_On_But_Won_t_Hear_Much_About_8464.html

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