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Correction to our On Solid Ground Article

We recently had an article published in RHANAC Rental Housing Magazine entitled On Solid Ground. Unfortunately, we had some incorrect information about the amount of time building owners have to complete the Level 1 screening report after they have been notified that their building may be a soft story. The article indicated that building owners […]

Increasing Soft-Story Awareness

To address the lack of consumer friendly information regarding soft-story buildings and ordinances in the Bay Area and increase awareness about the topic, I’ve been reaching out to apartment associations and building owners. Check out an article I wrote for the Spring Maintenance issue of the Rental Housing Association of Northern Alameda County magazine, available […]

Earthquake Insurance. Does it make sense?

I have always wanted to buy an earthquake insurance for my house in Oakland Hills.  Being so close to the major seismic faults, I know that the questions is not if but when will we have a Big One.  I have priced Earthquake insurance before and decided to retrofit the building instead, as the cost […]