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City of Berkeley offers retrofit grants for soft story buildings

City of Berkeley have obtained FEMA funding that can be applied towards the engineering fees of up to $5,000 and 30% of construction costs up to the total combined design and construction costs of $25,000.  The funds are available in the form of reimbursements.

In order to be eligible for the engineering costs reimbursement, the conditions need to be met:

1. Engineering design fees should have been incurred after September 22, 2015;

2. The construction of the retrofit should have not yet started prior to the application for the Design Grant.

The design grant reimbursements will be available after the building permit is obtained.

To receive a Construction Grant, applicants must apply before construction begins and must wait for notification of FEMA approval for funding before beginning construction on their retrofits. Once approved for funding, applicants must complete their retrofit construction within six months of FEMA approval to be guaranteed grant funding.

For additional information, see http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/retrofitgrants/


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