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You are running out of time to submit Soft Story Screening!

This is the title of a full page advertisement by the San Francisco Building Department in the SF Apartment magazine.  All property owners who received a mandatory retrofit letter from the city are required to respond with the completed screening form signed by an engineer or architect by September 15, 2014.  After 9/15, all non-compliant owners will receive a Code Enforcement citation and be liable for financial penalties. Once the screening is filed, you will have at least 2 more years to submit seismic retrofit drawings, if required.  A free estimate for seismic retrofit design is included with all of our screening reports. If you need assistance with the screening form, contact our office at 510 272 99 99  as soon as possible to avoid a citation.  The time is running out and we have been already been inundated with requests for screening.

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