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Enginious Structures are now certified via AllianceNRG

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After a rigorous review, AllianceNRG who partnered with the city of San Francisco to administer a 100% public financing options for the soft story apartment building owners, has certified Enginious Structures as one of the few engineering firms that are allowed  to participate in this program.  As part of the process, AllianceNRG verified licensing, workers comp, business and professional liability insurance requirements as well as the experience and references from past clients whose soft story buildings we helped retrofit. See below from our earlier post with information about this program.

The city of San Francisco has partnered with AllianceNRG to provide property owners 100% financing for all properties that requires upgrades on multifamily soft story buildings for construction costs as well as structural engineering and design costs. The financing covers only the seismic improvements with no need to refinance the mortgage on the property. Up to 30 years long term financing with competitive interest rates. If the property is sold the assessment may transfer to the new owner. If you have a mandatory retrofit required for your multifamily soft story structure and need financing for the upgrades this program is designed for you. There is no more reason to delay to start your retrofit project since all costs, including the engineering can now be financed and costs passed on or shared with your tenants.   To learn more about the program and apply for financing on your soft story upgrades visit AllianceNRG at https://www.alliancenrg.com/retail/san-francisco-seismic-soft-story or https://www.alliancenrg.com/retail/berkeley-seismic-soft-story for a similar program with the city of Berkeley.

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